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Visitor Registration via QR Code

QRC's, Business Automation

Here in Australia, businesses are having to register every person that visits their venue / restaurant etc as a way of being able to quickly alert people where a COVID-19 case has been in their proximity.  It's a way to allow tracing of possible infections spreading - but it's quite a drag on staff to write down each visitor.

While many businesses have been writing down names on a pad - others get the visitors to write it down themselves.  Many suggest that by sharing the pens and the pads and standing in line is more likely to spread the infections that reduce the issue. 

Either way, it's a messy, time-consuming process taking up already depleted resources.

A simple implementation I've set up for existing clients is to have the visitors simply scan a QR Code (just use the camera function on their phone) which takes them to a form.  The visitor fills our their own details on their own device.  

This data is stored within their website admin, all time stamped and validated - ready to be downloaded as a spreadsheet if and when required.