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Bootstrapping an idea requires a good idea, a clear objective, and a tight reign on the budget

Minimal Viable Product, Quick Release Cycle, Agile Development, Software as a Service

The gathering of referee's from job candidates, of interviewing referee's and then documenting the results and presenting to the client, has been a long time pain for the recruitment industry.

What sounds like a simple thing turns into a quagmire when you're doing it in any kind of volume.  Imagine hours of playing phone tag with candidates and their referees.  Then throw in the risk of fraudulent behaviour, rushed typing and simple errors.  You can end up with this "simple" process taking a long and therefore costly time, that deliveries inconsistent and at time poor quality results.

Neil and Chris came to us with these issues in mind, and a straight forward idea.  "Let's build an app that automates all this".

We built Referoo, a SaaS solution (Software As A Service) that clients pay a subscription to use.  Simply, Referoo

  • Sends a message to a Candidate requesting Referee details
  • Sends a message to Referees requesting they complete a questionnaire as a reference for the candidate
  • Compiles a report for the End Client.

Working systematically through each step, we identified a number of pain-points. Each point is an area that we improved with technology including;

  • Integrating with 3rd party software
  • Validating responses
  • Authenticating users
  • Automating processes
  • Utilising various methods of messaging (email / SMS / Telephony)
  • Alerts and routed responses

Starting with a budget you would expect from a couple of lads, Referoo is now a multi-million dollar business winning multi-awards and operating in 17+ countries.