Pickin' Time

Business automation can turn an administrative nightmare into a well-oiled machine.

Database management, Forms, Data Capture, Business Automation

The need to satisfy the “88 days of farm work” is one of the key concerns for every backpacker in Australia as it allows you to stay an extra year on your Australian Working Holiday Visa. 

However. it's not all that easy to organise... jobs are seasonal and at the will of the weather, and Farmers are also often "burnt" by travellers who search for work, but their search for the perfect wave or the perfect partner sometimes gets a greater priority.

A hostel in Gympie, Queensland saw the pain from these 2 sides, and also saw an opportunity for greater occupancy rates.

Pre Qualification

We developed a"pre-qualification assessment survey" where interested travellers and job hunters could register their interest, then respond to an online questionnaire regarding medical situation, visas, skills, availability, age, strength etc.  An algorithm then automatically scores, ranks and categorises those applicants. 


When farmers are looking for workers, it's a simple selection process to

  1. Identify applicants who suit the role using the algorithm results.
  2. Invite applicants to work via automated messages and notifications.
  3. Run an Occupational Health and Safety induction course - all delivered, assessed and reported in an automated manner.

Accommodation and Daily Management

Accommodation is pre-booked when the work opportunity is accepted. Rooms / dorms / camping sites and parking spots are all managed by staff in a "point and click" web-based interface.  The same system processes all invoicing and accounts as well as reporting which is managed off-site.

The travellers have already made an effort, they're committed and registered.  This means they are much more likely to actually turn up on the dates identified which is a huge benefit for the framers.

Busses are organised daily to take the workers to and from their employment.  All medical records, OH&S onboarding, emergency contact numbers are accessible.