Queue Busters

Integrating legacy systems with technology can greatly increase customer satisfaction - without re-inventing the processes.

Business Automation, Integrations, App Development, Progressive Web Apps, Hospitality, Customer Satisfaction

A relaxing afternoon drinking craft beer and kicking back with friends is a great way to spend a summer day - but it could be quickly ruined when the queues became too long.

Most days at Murray's, customers take their choice of where to sit; inside at tables, one one of the expansive decks overlooking the grass and native landscape, or on the gentle slopes next to the grape vines.

At their leisure, they go to the "cellar door" and place their order from a menu of burgers and ribs and other American QQQ style meals, to salads and pizzas - or one of the ever-changing specials.  They pay on order and collect their food from the counter when their "buzzer" advises them that it's ready.

On busy days however, special events and peak tourism seasons, the number of meals through the kitchen can rise from 50 a day up to 3,000.  The kitchen is only open for lunch.

Would you rather be sitting with their family and friends, watching the live entertainment, and enjoying the wide selection of craft beer - or standing in a queue to order for 40-50 minutes

Our solution was to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) which allows customers to verify their phone number, order and pay.  These orders would need to work into the existing systems with the Point Of Sale (a standalone software with no inbuilt external access)  and a kitchen ticketing system where the kitchen is advised of the orders, and the "buzzer" to advise the customer.

We built the integration into the POS using the software's base code - and an automated FTP link that pulls down orders made. This then places the orders directly into the POS using the unique ID's for each menu item.  These orders are automatically fed into the kitchen ticketing system as per the existing process.

When the kitchen completes the order, the staff at the pass use an iPad rather than the buzzer system to alert the customer, a simply click generates a voice call to the customers phone (as SMS alerts are often missed in the noise and excitement).

With the same tablet, staff are able to update menu item availability, kitchen wait times and monitor all orders.

The validation process of customers is consistent with the online shopping and booking processes, and is building an accurate and large customer database for ongoing marketing and business assessment.