A member based organisation needs to constantly add value to it's members, whilst minimising cost.

Database management, Cloud Services, eBusiness, eLearning, App Development, Progressive Web Apps

APSI has a small administrative team, but as the association that manages, educates and certifies all ski instructors wanting to work in Australia, at certain times of year they have an extremely business membership base. 

All the ski resorts who employ ski-instructors need to know their skill levels and be assured that they are who they say they are.  Members, potential members and employees are from all over the world, preparing to to converge on the Australian Ski fields for a few short months.  A burst of activity.

Prior to the season start, members have to be contacted and educated on latest practices, status of accreditations, renew or purchase membership, book into training courses of different categories, of different levels, running on set dates in various locations, and pay for it based on the individuals existing profile.  Ski instructors trained overseas need to have their skills assessed and appropriately matched with Australia accreditation levels.  Everyone has to receive their ID cards and any uniforms and other physical products.

And there's more than 10,000 members.

And it was all done on a stand-alone database system and spreadsheets.

Over the years we've changed this;

  • Membership database, softwares, administration via the cloud.
  • Integrated Email marketing
  • Online shop for physical products integrated with Australia Post for costing and ordering.
  • Online calendar of events and bookings with dynamic pricing based on individual accreditation and prior learning.
  • eLearning and digital resources
  • Automated alerts and communications
  • Course training notes for staff, with feedback / performance and attendance tracking linked to accreditation processes.
  • Various administrative tools and reporting
  • Xero accounting software integration.
  • iOS and Android mobile app to support ski instructors before and during training sessions. Video / Image and text based resources to identify common issues in lessons - with suggestions on exercises to over come those issues.  Instructor lesson builder to develop customised lessons based on APSI accreditation and learning objectives.